Who We Are

Size Matters

We're a small company. We can admit it, because we know it's likely you are too (don't worry if you're a big company—we still like you).

Our being a small company means that you know who you're working with and you know how to get in touch with us. It means that we don't have a secretary telling you we can't come to the phone. It means your project gets the personalized attention it deserves.

Howdy, Partner

Our goal is to work as your design and marketing partner, not just another contractor cranking out exactly what was asked for and no more. "Have you thought about..." and "You know what would be really effective..." are just some of the phrases you're likely to hear frequently from us as we collaborate with you.

It's About You, Not Us

Our design philosophy at YellowHat Studios is focused tightly on the needs of the user, rather than on building the portfolios of our designers. Instead of adding technologies to showcase our ability or building pages that cater to executive egos, we prefer to strip a design to its essentials, constantly asking “Does this matter to the audience? Does it need to be here?”