Working With Us

If you ask our clients, they'll let you know that that they're not just happy with the final product, but with the entire experience of working with us. Here's how that experience will play out:

We're All Ears

We start by listening. Tell us about your business, tell us about your goals, tell us about your market, about the obstacles you face and about how you've overcome them. You can even tell us about your kids or your pets. When we've got a feel for you and your business, then we'll do some talking of our own.

Doing Our Homework

Now we ask questions, and not just of you. What are the limitations of the project — whether budget, time, or style? What are your competitors doing in the same areas? What else has worked to solve this problem before and what are the strengths and weakness of those designs?


Doodles, sketches, scribbles, pen & ink thumbnail drawings — this is the creative brainstorming stage. If the solution is strictly design, we'll take what we've heard and come up with some rough ideas. We'll present them and listen some more to what you like and what you don't, then head back to refine your favorites. This process will repeat as we get closer and closer to a final design.

For more complex solutions like software, we'll develop a user workflow and figure out exactly what the program needs to do before we worry about how it looks.

Work In Progress

Once you've signed off on a design, we start finalizing it. On a website, this means building out the individual pages. In print, it may mean laying out final copy and taking or finding the photographs needed. We'll stay in especially close contact now, providing updates so that you can see the progress being made. If the scope of the project demands it, we'll set up a website specific to your project, where updates can be posted for review, comments can be posted, and milestones can be tracked.


This is it! Your website is live to the world, your new menus are stacked at the front table, or your brochure is inserted into 3000 bags at the trade show. If there's a need, such as with a website featuring a content management system, we'll provide the training you need to use the system.

Checking Back In

Our working relationships don't end when the project's over and your check clears. We like to check back in and see if everything is working as expected, and we don't just mean technically. For example, did your postcard marketing campaign achieve the results you were after? If so, what elements were most effective? If not, what could be improved in the design or the strategy next time? Through this process, both we and you continually improve our respective businesses.